Private Commissions

If you would like a personalised “SPECIAL” song created just for you or your partner and/or a “loved” one and/or a special “EVENT”, such as a “BIRTHDAY”, or “ANNIVERSARY” I can do this for you.

I would start by writing the lyrics and then work out a melody, followed by the chord progression and record myself.  Once, completed I would then send off to “SCAMP STUDIOS” to be re-arranged + re-recorded up to a very high standard production.  I would require 10 weeks notice for this service in order to give SCAMP STUDIOS time to get back the “Polished” version of the song back to me, which I would have originally created for you.

My standard fee for commissioning a “PRIVATE” and personalised song is £500.00 this would include the SCAMP STUDIOS recording fee.  Payment can be made via PAYPAL.  Rights to the song can be purchased for a further £250.00.

If, however you are happy with my version of the song (and would not require me to send the song I have written for you to SCAMP STUDIOS) then the fee would be £375.00 would be payable once I have received your instruction.  Rights to the song can be purchased for a further £250.00.

If you are interested in this service please contact me to discuss further.  PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!